Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm back.

Well, after feeding the native fauna with electronic devices and droping into sacred sites willy-nilly, M! has decided to leave our little team for the happier prospects of evil Phil's playground. Apparently J! was too much for her. There aren't many people we couldn't say that about though.

G! has joined our little team, and with even more cursory training than M! and I recieved has been thrown into the deep end and is accompanying us on our tour to the hunter region.

We're trapizing the maitland/musswellbrook area. The observant will notice that the touring area is closer to Canberra than the distance we covered in a single day -from Katherine to Lajamanu - on our last tour.

Interesting things I saw today

'Organic Water' for sale. Ummm... yeah... those with any knowledge of science need no explanation, those without will probably not accept any.

'5 star toilets' or so they said, with one backed up urinal, two covered in black plastic garbage bags, and a sink with motion sensors.

Sinks with motion sensors have always seemed a good idea to me. You wave your hand in front of a sensor and the water runs, meaning you don't have to put your hand on a dirty faucet that Steve the raincoat wearing trucker has had his hand on.

Unfortunately, the soap was still operated by push button. Somewhat defeating the exercise.

It wouldn't have been so bad, except that "5 star toilets" was their main selling feature, it was on a giant banner outside the Cafe. 2.5 at best.

This tour's a little different, we have a home base we're staying at / despoiling during the week, taking away the whole nomad culture I developed last tour. I'm going to miss that a little I think.

Maths thingumee #n+1

There's an island with an odd custom. If a man is unfaithful, his wife must kill him if she finds out. Apart from this (or perhaps this is because) they are very logical and intelligent people.

Despite this, every one of the women likes to gossip and every one of the women know the faithfulness, or lack thereof of every man on the island except her own husband.

A missionary stayed with the villagers for a few months, when he left he gathered them all together and said he was disappointed in them, as during his time on the island he had witnessed at least one man being unfaithful.

Nothing happened the first night, nothing happened the second, third or fourth night, but on the fifth night, shots rang out, and in the morning the corpses were counted, and all the unfaithful husbands were dead. How many were there?


At 1:08 am, Anonymous Sara said...


I won't answer the puzzle, since you already patiently explained it to me yesterday.

Isn't G! actually another J! - or is that why you used G!? I'm confused.

OK - now I'm going to sleep. Damn legal workshop related fun-free late nights.


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