Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am Buster, hear me croak!

Firstly, yes, the site needs updating, I am no longer in the NT, I am in the Hunter valley. Secondly, happy birthday, hope you had a great Singstar experience.

Today I took an objective, balanced, test of my skill. It was a mechanicl test of skill or ‘skill tester’ if you will. A robotic crane was harnessed to retrieve a desperate giraffe, haphazardly piled on top of other unlikely animals.

Thanks to me, Yuli, the giraffe, was rescued, and now sits in my bedroom awaiting his presentation to Floor, who will carefully rehabilitate him.

Yes, my skill was tested and I was not found lacking.

In another test of skill, a rematch of Catan vs. G! had a much more satisfying result, with me managing to utterly slaughter him in the first round, and he narrowly winning the second game. I think that means the night goes to me. I don’t think I can play it again tomorrow.

J! has finally made the TV work. Which is a problem, as it is pay TV. There’s a problem with pay TV, although there may not be something good on, there’s always something that you’re willing to watch anyway. For normal people of strong will and character, this does not pose a problem. For people like me, who remove themselves from a form of entertainment only when it ceases to be entertaining, it can be deadly. Curse those clever bastards who invented the comedy channel.

My voice started to go today. Anyone who still remembers when I used to do birthday parties with any regularity will remember the croaky monstrosity that plagued my vocal cords after a couple of hours in the trenches. Some will also remember that I continued to do parties for hours afterwards, and could wreck my throat for days, giving my voice the richness and deepness that puberty so cruelly neglected.

I’m afraid that that might happen to my voice this tour. Four weeks of constant vocal cragginess, I’d like to avoid it if I can, but now it’s set in there’s no way. Oh well, maybe the extended duration will give me those lower octaves I’ve been searching for.


At 9:00 am, Anonymous Kylie said...

I suggest liberal doses of brandy and lemon. With honey.
The benefits are twofold:
1) it'll help with the throat thing
2) the kids won't seem anywhere near as shitty after you've had a belt or two.


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