Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Here's more boring than the NT

Those of you who know me well, will probably be aware of a game called ‘The Settlers of Catan’. A board game I find irresistible. Tonight J! and I played this clever little game against G!, who had never played it before. He thrashed us. Twice. Soundly.

I don’t think I can play anymore. Maybe some poker instead tomorrow night, so I can get enough money to buy back my dignity.

I dived into the horrors of the tax system today, to provide for my paltry refund. A! mentioned a number of ways in which I could increase my take. I was shocked. Shocked, appalled, and took notes. I chose to avoid major dodgieness becase in some small way I agree with taxes and think that we Australians don’t pay nearly enough. I’m sure many of you will disagree with me. We’ll have to agree to disagree, but you’re wrong.

Its odd getting back into the mainstream schools, if there has been any epiphany arising from the experience, it’s that kids are kids everywhere. In other words, they’re all shits.

They other thing I learnt was that my reaction to libraries has changed. I walked in today and thought “I could sleep here”.

Memorable quote from today “Little Johnny came to school without underpants today”

The context isn’t as interesting as a lack of context, so I’ll let you all mull over that one.

The accommodation’s feeling a little cramped due to having only a single living area. We may have to hold a survivor like removal of a team member. I vote for G! for his being unsportingly good at settlers.


At 8:38 am, Anonymous Willbo said...

Hey man,

This Settlers game sounds intreaguing. I'll have to try and beat you on my first try as well.

Oh, just remember people who work at the tax office read this blog :)

At 8:57 am, Anonymous Kylie said...

And look - they're making pretty little cukoo clocks. with fretwork and everything.

tee hee

Also, can you explain how the maths problem works please? My brain's over-full with work stuff right and I profess the curiosity and IQ of a gnat.


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